2017 Wedding Stationery Trends

For those organised 2017 brides & grooms - look away now. There's no need to upset yourself with what you could have had.

But if you're still looking, keep looking, as there are some B-E-A-Utiful trends for 2017 weddings in the business of paper.

1. Watercolour.

Now, we love this at The House of Airey. The most romantic blooms, the greenest of foliage, all pimped to the nines in glorious watercolour form. Don't want any "traditional" imagery? Not an issue. Watercolour backgrounds make a stunning back piece to almost any font, subtle, elegant and just gorgeous. We totally love.

2. Calligraphy & Handwriting fonts.

Now I'll be honest here, I'm a total font junkie. I spend hours (and unfortunately quite a lot of money!) on making sure my fonts are top notch. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to even whittle the options down to a set "list" of fonts, so I have my current favourites that I use a lot, but sometimes theres a particular letter that's not one someone's love list... in which case just let me know and I'll change it.

3. Monograms

I'm loving the comeback of these, I was slightly unsure when one of my late-2016 brides asked for a custom monogrammed wax seal, but the customer gets what she/he wants and the end result looked stunning. I'll happily admit I was wrong on that one. Long live the monogram. You'll get to keep it forever too. Lots of love there.

4. Foliage

Traditional floral imagery is taking a back seat this year in favour of more greenery and foliage inspired stationery. Pantone's Colour of the Year, was infact, Greenery. We're seeing a lot of green focused colour palettes from our 2017 brides, and we love adding a pop of pink or white to them too.

5. Simplicity

Be this in the form of monochrome, typography styling or simple flat invitations, less is definitely more for 2017. Beautiful stationery doesn't have to be complicated. All it needs to be is perfect.

Whatever your style, whatever your colours, at The House of Airey we can help. Contact us now to talk to us about your wedding stationery.

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